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Cherry Diesel (AA)


  • Heavy sweet cherry and skunky diesel aromatics are rounded out with earthy spices and undertones of citrus
  • Fluffy yet dense nuggets of bright green are threaded with orange pistils and long, sticky trichomes
  • A true, middle-of-the-road hybrid that provides a focused and creative energy, which melts into a physical and relaxing calm
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If you’re looking for an evenly balanced hybrid that’s reminiscent of a slice of cherry pie, and can keep you energized like a fine cup of coffee then you’ll love Cherry Diesel! Created by MTG Seeds, Cherry Diesel is a combination of two potent parents: the floral and fruity Cherry OG, and the sativa-dominant Turbo Diesel.

Appearance, Aroma and Flavour
Cherry Diesel has fluffy yet dense and plump nuggets of bright green, threaded with orange hairs, and speckled with super sticky sugar-like trichomes. This balanced beauty has a delicious flavour and inviting aromatics that are as clear as day. On first blush, Cherry Diesel has a pleasantly sweet cherry scent. When the flowers are broken or ground, its aromatic profile becomes more nuanced. The scent of skunky diesel and sour citrus emerge with hints of berries and earthy spice. The flavours are equally matched with a boastful cherry taste and earthy notes that elevate the smooth smoking experience.

Effects and Medical Uses
The strain’s high acts fast with a cerebral rush that quickly lifts moods and provides a boost of creative energy. Many users often describe a sense of mental clarity and heightened arousal. The high melts into a more indica-like experience that provides a physical relaxation and calmness. Cherry Diesel has been a great choice to help manage depression, stress, fatigue and mild pain. Because of the strain’s balanced experience that isn’t too overwhelming, Cherry Diesel is a great daytime strain for a boost of energy and a good introductory strain for more novice smokers.

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Cherry, Citrus, Diesel, Spicy


Creativity, Focus, Relaxation

Medical Uses

Depression, Fatigue, Stress


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