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Bruce Banner (AAA)


  • Rich and pungent flavours are balanced with sweet diesel aromatics
  • Bright green gumball-shaped buds are dense and coated with thick, shiny trichomes
  • An even-keeled experience that calms the body and keeps the mind energetic and focused with happy creativity
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If you don’t want anyone to see you when you’re angry, then harness the happy, calming effects of Bruce Banner. Dark Horse Genetics bred this potent sativa-dominant hybrid with Strawberry Diesel and the wildly popular OG Kush. Bruce Banner enjoys relatively high THC content and is known for its various phenotypes. Its most popular phenotype – Bruce Banner #3 – has ranked first in the Denver Cannabis Cup and has clocked in at 30% THC, which is the most potent strain ever tested in the history of High Times Cannabis Cups. It’s safe to say beginners and more novice users should tread lightly with this strain.

Appearance, Aroma and Flavour
Bruce Banner is well known for its dense, gumball-sized buds of bright green with fiery red hairs. The nuggets are coated with large, shiny trichomes. Interestingly enough, the flavours and aromas don’t quite match up with the strain. While the aromatics are heavily diesel with slight sweetness, the sweetness is only locked away with the bud’s scent. The flavour profile is extremely rich and pungent and is rounded with earthy notes and citrus undertones.

Effects and Medical Uses
True to its namesake – the renowned mild-mannered scientist alter-ego of the comic book superhero the Incredible Hulk – Bruce Banner provides a cerebral and heady experience balanced with physical relaxation. The strain works swiftly and provides an initial calming physical body stone. Once the stone melts, users are treated with creative and euphoric energy that will have your mind active for hours. Many users have experienced social and giggly feelings, making Bruce Banner a great strain to share with friends. Medicinal users enjoy the strain for pain, anxiety, migraines and stress. Perfect for daytimes sessions or a wake-and-bake to get you started with your day, Bruce Banner offers users a pleasant, creative focus.

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Strain Type



Citrus, Diesel, Earthy, Sweet


Creativity, Euphoria, Focus, Relaxation

Medical Uses

Anxiety, Fatigue, Pain, Stress


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