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Captain’s Cake (AAA)


  • Sour and pungent earth dominant the aromatics while sweet vanilla, nutty dough, and bright citrus round out the flavours
  • Bright green, spear-shaped buds are weaved with orange hairs and covered in a tantalizing frosting of amber trichomes
  • Limited energizing boost that envelops your body into a soft and warm relaxing body buzz

Life’s too short to say no to cake and this yummy slice will keep you coming back for more. Created by The Captain’s Connection in the great state of Maine, USA, Captain’s Cake is an indica-dominant hybrid that is loved by both recreational and medicinal users. Captain’s Cake was bred with two legendary parents – Girl Scout Cookies and White fire Alien OG. The bud is fairly potent and boasts an impressive THC content as high as 21% so more novice smokers may want to take a smaller slice.

Appearance, Aroma and Flavour
Captain’s Cake is definitely a beauty to look at. Its bright green, spear-shaped buds are threaded with orange pistils and topped with a frosting of gooey amber trichomes like cake icing. The bud gives off strong notes of sour and pungent earth with a rounding of faint pine. While its OG lineage is pronounced in the aromatics, the GSC characteristics of Captain’s Cake shine through the flavours. Bright citrus and sweet berries accent the pungent taste on the draw. Once exhaled, the flavour develops into a nutty, vanilla cookie taste.

Effects and Medical Uses
The indica-dominant strain will certainly have you set sail on an enjoyably euphoric journey. Captain’s Cake brings on an initial burst of energetic stimulation that quickly lifts spirits. As the high continues, waves of calming relaxation washes over your body. In lower doses, users enjoy more sativa effects while easing aches and pains. In heavier doses, the indica effects come like a crushing tide, leaving users feeling an almost cerebral body high that drowns out anxiety and relaxes muscles. Users on high doses have experienced couch lock that leaves them staring off into the sunset with a perpetual smile. Best enjoyed at night or after a long day, Captain’s Cake is a great way to ease aches, pains, and insomnia.

Weight N/A
Strain Grade


Strain Type



Earthy, Fruity, Pine, Vanilla


Energy, Euphoria, Relaxation

Medical Uses

Anxiety, Insomnia, Pain


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