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Slurricane (AAAA)


  • Indica leaning hybrid with strong berry, earthy and spicy flavors
  • Grape-shaped dark green buds with hints of purple and amber
  • Very potent euphoric, sleepy high popular for treating pain and insomnia
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As a slightly Indica-leaning strain, Slurricane is popular for its mixture of both body and head high. It’s a crossbreed of Do-Si-Do and Purple Punch, both of which are also potent Indica-leaning strains. As the name might suggest, when smoked, an intense, sleepy high hits the user. While Slurricane is not recommended for complete beginners, many will enjoy its extraordinary and potent effects.

Appearance, Aroma, and Flavour
Slurricane packs a strong and rich flavor. When inhaled, a sweet, berry flavor is noticeable. Upon exhale, an enjoyable earthy, spicy and fruity flavor will linger. The aroma is similarly potent with an earthy, spicy scent and just a slight hint of sweet berries. Slurricane’s buds are fluffy, dark olive nugs, roughly the shape of a grape. Purple undertones and crystal trichomes add a boost of color to the buds, along with a coating of amber hairs.

Effects and Medical Uses
Slurricane has a THC percentage that typically ranges between 24-28%. Because of its intense potency, many medicinal patients use the strain to treat migraines, chronic pain, cramps, and insomnia. The effects of the strain are strong but very enjoyable. A head high slowly creeps in after a few minutes, dazing the user with a sense of euphoria. A sleepy, relaxed body high sinks in next, creating ultimate relaxation for hours.

Strain Grade


Strain Type



Berry, Earthy, Spicy


Euphoria, Relaxation, Sedation

Medical Uses

Headaches, Insomnia, Pain, Stress


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