Green Supreme – THC Diamonds


  • Close to pure THC, very high potency
  • THC profile: 99%+
  • Net weight: 1 gram
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Green Supreme

Based in beautiful British Columbia, Green Supreme believes that great cannabis concentrates starts with having the finest quality flowers. Green Supreme gets their cannabis from some of the best craft growers in B.C., sourcing only fresh, top of the line, AAAA+ grade weed. Their product line ups consist of a variety of marijuana concentrate products including budders, THCa diamonds, live resin and vape pens.

Top Quality THC Diamonds from Green Supreme

Green Supreme’s THCA diamonds line up is made with high quality, craft cannabis using the very latest extraction methods. Being around 99% pure THC, these diamonds pack a punch, and is a fantastic choice for those looking for a high potency experience. Green Supreme’s diamond line up is known for being one of the highest quality diamonds on the market.


What are THC Diamonds (a.k.a. THCA Diamonds)?

THC diamonds are one of the newest marijuana concentrates to hit the market. They are amber in colour, have a beautiful crystal like shape and texture, and are known for their incredible potency. They are made up of almost pure THCA (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid), which is a cannabinoid that directly converts into THC when exposed to heat. THC diamonds are for the more experienced users as they have a stunning potency of 95% or higher making it the strongest and purest form of cannabis concentrates available. Because of their strength many users like to use small amounts of the diamonds as a mixer with bud or other forms of concentrates they are smoking, although they can definitely be just smoked straight up. THC Diamonds are also known as THC crystallines, THC-A diamonds and THC-A crystallines.


Green Supreme

THC Profile


Net weight



3.75cm x 2.5cm x 3.5cm


British Columbia, Canada


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