Luxe Extracts – Cannabis Vape Cartridges (600mg/1200mg THC)


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Luxe Extracts Vape Cartridges

These all new vape cartridges are the latest creation from Vancouver based Luxe Extracts. The Luxe Extracts vapour carts is a 510 thread cartridge that contains THC distillate made from high quality strains of cannabis grown in British Columbia. It requires a 510 thread vape pen battery, and comes in two sizes – 600mg of THC or 1200mg of THC. There are a variety of delicious tasting flavours to choose from.


Luxe Extracts

Having launched in 2015, Luxe Extracts is a team of dedicated cannabis enthusiasts with a passion for creating weed concentrates that meet the highest standards of quality. They offer a line of shatter and vape products that perfectly capture the original flavours and affects of the strains they are made from. Using a Butane Hash Oil extraction machine in a closed loop system, the extraction artists at Luxe Extracts have been producing high potency products with incredible clarity.


Luxe Extracts


600mg, 1200mg


3.5cm x 10cm x 2.5cm


British Columbia, Canada


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