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8 Tips For Dealing With That Weed Hangover

Smoking weed is fun. It helps you relax, it’s a great way to spend time with friends and it can also be incredibly fun to do in various settings like at the beach during sunset or in your backyard as you watch fireworks on July 4th. But what happens when smoking weed leads to feeling hungover the next day? It might not always be pleasant, but there are ways to deal with them so that they’re easier on both your body and mind. Here are some tips for dealing with that weed hangover:

Don’t freak out, you’re fine

So you’ve woken up with a headache and a stomachache, and you’re feeling guilty that your bad decisions last night are making the rest of your day miserable. But don’t worry: these are totally normal side effects of marijuana, and they’ll pass soon enough.

You’re not alone in feeling this way, although it may seem like an eternity when you’re going through it, hangovers from cannabis don’t last forever!

Sip some water

It may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s worth repeating: drink more water. According to Molly Rice, a certified holistic health and nutrition coach and author of [Heal Your Gut], “Water helps dilute the psychoactive cannabinoids in your system and also helps with nausea or brain fog that can come from overindulging.” To prevent dehydration, she recommends drinking one glass of water every hour you spend consuming marijuana, so if you smoke or vape for four hours straight (or longer), expect to consume at least four additional glasses of water throughout that period of time.

Don’t drink too much water. We’re all taught to avoid alcohol hangovers by staying hydrated while drinking; however, there’s an equally important caveat: don’t drink too much H2O because then you could end up with hyponatremia, an electrolyte imbalance caused by excessive water intake that can result in severe symptoms like seizures and brain damage if left untreated.* Don’t drink too little water.* The same goes for not drinking enough H2O, if your body isn’t properly hydrated during cannabis consumption, it’ll likely be even harder for it to process all those cannabinoids once they start taking effect (which means even more chances for headaches). Hydration is key!

Take a shower

Showering is one of the best things you can do to help yourself feel more awake and alert. It will also help reduce some of the symptoms associated with weed hangovers, like nausea, headaches, and fatigue. Plus, it’ll make you feel clean and less stoned!

Go outside and get some air

The next time you’re feeling a little under the weather, do yourself a favor and go outside. Fresh air is one of the best things you can do for yourself when coming down from an intense high.

If possible, get out in the sun! It may seem counterintuitive to be soaking up UV rays while trying to recover from your latest session of smoking weed, but according to some research, getting some sunshine can help alleviate some of the negative physical effects of marijuana use (such as depression).

If fresh air isn’t an option for whatever reason (maybe it’s too cold or rainy outside), open up a window or turn on a fan so that you can at least get some fresh air circulating in your home.

Eat something greasy

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but it’s also the most important step to dealing with your weed hangover. Greasy foods help absorb THC, which means they’re great at making you feel better as they pass through your gut and into your bloodstream.

Foods to eat: eggs, bacon, sausage.

Foods to avoid: greasy foods that are high in fat and calories (you can’t have one without the other). It’s best not to make yourself sick by vomiting everything up anyway, so don’t overdo it. Also keep in mind that alcohol puts an extra burden on your liver, so stay away from soda or coffee when breaking out the frying pan!

Just keep being lazy until it’s over

It’s not easy, but try to just relax and be productive. The best thing you can do is take a nap, watch some movies or television as you nurse your weed hangover (the only way to get through this), or read a book. Anything can help distract you from the unpleasant feelings of being high while also keeping your mind busy and preoccupied with something other than being hungover.

If all else fails, get outside! Go for a walk around the block, it will clear your head and make the whole situation seem less dire once again.

Have some coffee if you’re still sleepy

If you’re still feeling sleepy after your shower, have a cup of coffee.

Coffee can give you a buzz and keep you alert. Just don’t drink too much coffee; too much caffeine can make you jittery and uncomfortable. If you’re sensitive to caffeine or just want to avoid having that fizzy feeling in your stomach for the rest of the day, try decaf instead!

Take it easy at the gym today

As you might have learned from personal experience, marijuana can have a negative impact on your athletic performance. While it’s not exactly clear why this happens, some researchers suggest that the drug affects your body’s ability to process oxygen and nutrients needed for physical activity.

These effects are most pronounced when smoking before engaging in exercise, a practice known as “smoking and sweating” among athletes who do so regularly. But they can also be felt after consuming cannabis through various other methods (including edibles).

If you plan to work out while experiencing a weed hangover, take it easy: don’t try anything too strenuous. Don’t push yourself too hard or too long; even if your body feels up for the challenge of an intense yoga class or a CrossFit session at first, chances are good that once your mind starts to wander off into dreamland while squatting with 100 pounds strapped around your waist or doing pull-ups from a bar above head level, those muscles will eventually get tired anyway. If exercising under these circumstances still sounds like fun but you’re worried about how much energy is left in the tank after smoking weed yesterday (or last week), consider taking advantage of some downtime by napping instead of working out today!

And if all else fails? Just sleep it off! It’s unlikely that getting high will affect anyone’s ability to recover overnight without any significant symptoms lingering into tomorrow morning; nevertheless, there may be times when even sleeping isn’t enough restorative power available within reach during those dark hours between midnight and sunrise…

Don’t feel bad about feeling bad after smoking weed

The first step to overcoming your hangover is understanding that it isn’t your fault. You’re not alone in suffering from this condition, but it’s easy to feel like you are when you’re surrounded by people who seem to be perfectly fine after smoking weed. Don’t worry: those people will likely be experiencing the same symptoms as you soon enough.

After all, there’s a reason why science has yet to discover an effective cure for hangovers (though some researchers at the University of Pennsylvania are working on one). It’s because hangovers are actually caused by several different factors that work together to make us feel like garbage. The most common causes include dehydration and low blood sugar levels, which can both lead to headaches or nausea after drinking alcohol, and smoking marijuana have similar effects on your body!


You might feel bad if you’re hungover from smoking weed, but don’t worry it’s not a big deal. It’s perfectly normal and happens to everyone who smokes weed at least once in their lives. Just relax, take it easy for the next few hours, eat something greasy (like pizza), and drink lots of water.

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