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Fruity Pebbles OG (AA)


  • Heavy sweet cherry and skunky diesel aromatics are rounded out with earthy spices and undertones of citrus
  • Fluffy yet dense nuggets of bright green are threaded with orange pistils and long, sticky trichomes
  • A true, middle-of-the-road hybrid that provides a focused and creative energy, which melts into a physical and relaxing calm

Fruity Pebbles isn’t just for breakfast bowls anymore! Making the rounds in dispensaries as far back as 2006, Fruity Pebbles is an indica-leaning hybrid with a lineage that is a genetic melting pot, which is said to include Granddaddy Purple, Tahoe OG, Alien Kush, and Green Ribbon. The strain’s popularity quickly skyrocketed and many different growers began to cultivate the plant, which led to its initial spread throughout California. The strain has a moderate THC composition that ranges from 18% to 22%.

Appearance, Aroma and Flavour
Its deep genetic makeup helps create the strain’s sweet and fruity profile. Much like its cereal namesake, the hybrid has a tropical aroma like berries and citrus with undertones of hash and spice. When smoked, the sweet berry flavours are heightened without much change or after taste due to the strain’s extremely smooth burn, lending to the strain’s popularity as a recreational treat. The strain has densely-packed and conical nuggets that are colourful like a bowl of its cereal counterpart with hues of green, flashes of purple, threads of burnt orange, and frosty sugar-like trichomes.

Effects and Medical Uses
The effects of Fruity Pebbles are generally balanced between calm and stimulation. The high starts quickly as a soft but powerful physical buzz that provides relaxation. As the journey continues, the sensation becomes more cerebral, psychedelic, and spacey, leaving consumers with happy and focused energy. Due to its hybrid nature, Fruity Pebbles can lean more toward its indica side and cause couchlock depending on the tolerance of the user. Nevertheless, the balanced ride makes Fruity Pebbles a great remedy to help ease stress, anxiety, attention deficit disorders, pain, and insomnia. The strain’s versatility makes it a delicious treat that can be enjoyed by consumers at all levels throughout any time of the day.

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Strain Type



Cherry, Citrus, Diesel, Spicy


Creativity, Focus, Relaxation

Medical Uses

Depression, Fatigue, Stress


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