Thai Koh Samui


  • Originated in Thailand’s beautiful Koh Samui island
  • Thick mushrooms with golden brown caps and some bruising colors
  • Spiritual experience with creativity, mood boosts, and visual effects

Koh Samui mushrooms are one of the most popular and well-loved mushroom strains. The mushrooms are named after the beautiful Koh Samui Island in Thailand, where they were first found growing by mycologists. Also known as psilocybe cubensis Thailand Koh Samui, these mushrooms are now grown throughout the world and enjoyed for the spiritual, creative experiences that they provide.

Physical Properties
Koh Samui mushrooms are medium-to-large mushrooms. They have thick, tall stems and very wide golden-brown caps. While they typically appear overall golden-brown, they sometimes have other spots of colour. This colour is known as bruising and may appear as a bluish or purple hue. Some users report different tastes and aromas when consuming Koh Samui mushrooms that range from doughy to deep earthy and woodsy.

Koh Samui has a higher-than-average amount of psilocybin, so the effects are fairly potent. Typically, Koh Samui should be enjoyed by more experienced users if you’re taking a large dose, although amateurs can enjoy Koh Samui in small doses. The experience of consuming Koh Samui can be very spiritual, creative, and visually enhancing. Users may feel more connected to their spirituality, the earth, or their creative side. Vivid colours and shape changes, sound alterations, and euphoria also commonly occur when consuming these mushrooms.


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