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Blackberry Kush (AAA)


  • Earthy and diesel aromas balanced with a sweet berry scent
  • Beautifully dense, deep green and purple buds, speckled with orange hairs
  • Heavy body highs lend to its medical use

Blackberry Kush is an indica strain with vividly deep green and purple buds, coated in milky white trichomes. Its lineage is not completely clear, but some believe the strain to be a blend of Afghani and Blackberry, or DJ Short’s Blueberry with a possible touch of OG Kush, White Rhino, or Bubba Kush. Although the exact lineage is unknown, there is no denying the strain’s effects – a slight, tingly head high quickly builds into a relaxing, numbing body sensation that has the ability to cradle you into a restful slumber. Loved by both recreational and medical users alike, Blackberry Kush’s powerful calming effect helps relieve anxiety and depression as well as aid those with insomnia. With an earthy diesel aroma, and hints of sweet blackberry and spice that mirrors its taste, Blackberry Kush is best smoked at the end of the day, or whenever you’re ready to drift into hours of relaxation. Newer smokers may want to ration the hits since a little bit of Blackberry Kush goes a long way.

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Strain Grade


Strain Type



Blackberry, Diesel, Earthy


Euphoria, Happy, Relaxation

Medical Uses

Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia


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