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Love Potion #1 (AA)


  • Pungent and woody aromas burn into pungent skunky notes with undertones of sweet citrus and mellow earth
  • Large lumpy nuggets of olive green are threaded with deep orange pistils that sparkle with amber-like trichomes and sticky resin
  • Enhances any activity with focused, creative energy and heightened sensual stimulation
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Love Potion #1 is a sativa-dominant strain that can keep you motivated all day long in more ways than one. Awarded the Best Sativa by High Times in the 2004 Cannabis Cup, Love Potion #1 can induce a creative energy, while also helping you spice things up in the bedroom. This stimulating strain was dreamed up by the Canadian breeders Reeferman Seeds and it has an interesting lineage. A Santa Marta Columbian Gold sativa landrace strain was crossed twice with G-13, an indica that was allegedly bred by the U.S. government in the 1960s. The resulting hybrid has a moderate amount of THC that gives an intense and focused sensual experience.

Appearance, Aroma and Flavour
Love Potion #1 has an intoxicating woody, pungent aroma with spicy earth and notes of citrus. Breaking and grinding the nuggets only enhances the sweet and pungent skunky aroma. The strain’s flavour can be slightly harsh on the draw, but finishes with an earthy aftertaste of pine, tangy lemon, and bright lime. The flowers are large and dense, lumpy nuggets of rich olive green that are weaved with burnt orange pistils. A glittering of amber-like trichomes cover the nuggets and shimmer with sticky resin.

Effects and Medical Uses
Love Potion #1 works quickly with a heady rush of energized creativity and cerebral euphoria. The high continues down the body in tingly, stimulating waves of pleasure for an out of this world sensual mind-body connection. In the right setting, the strain is true to its name, heightening sexual arousal and inducing an erotic ride. The full-body stimulation makes Love Potion #1 a perfect way to fight fatigue, anxiety and stress, while acting as a powerful aphrodisiac. Love Potion #1 can be enjoyed at any time of the day to help keep you alert and active, or at night when you want intense love and intimacy behind closed doors.

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Strain Type



Citrus, Earthy, Pine, Wood


Creativity, Euphoria, Relaxation

Medical Uses

Anxiety, Fatigue, Stress


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