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Candyland (AAA)


  • Sativa dominant with a delicious mixture of sweetness, spiciness, and earthiness
  • Dense dark green buds with long red hairs
  • Mood and energy boosting effects that inspire creativity
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Candyland is a popular sativa dominant strain hailing from San Francisco. Created by cannabis expert Ken Estes, Candyland is a cross between Grand Daddy Purple and Bay Area Platinum Cookies, both fun, sweet-tasting strains. The strain has a relatively average THC percentage, and is a great choice for daytime usage, social activities and boosting creativity.

Appearance, Aroma, and Flavour
Candyland is named after its notable sweetness, but users will also enjoy the complexity of its flavours. The strain not only is sweet, but is also deliciously spicy and even slightly earthy. The aroma has a similar complexity, with a strong mixture between candy-like sweetness and an earthy musk. The buds are recognizable for their bright green colouring and denseness. They’re typically small to medium size, and have long, reddish orange hairs.

Effects and Medical Uses
Candyland is a sativa-dominant strain, making it popular for its enjoyable head high. Medical marijuana users will enjoy the strain’s ability to help with focus and energizing effects. Many use it to help with depression, low moods, anxiety, and even a loss of appetite. Because of its sativa dominance, the effects of Candyland typically begin with a mood and energy boost followed by an increase in creativity and excitement.

Strain Grade


Strain Type



Earthy, Spicy, Sweet


Creativity, Energy, Euphobia, Focus

Medical Uses

Anxiety, Appetite, Depression, Fatigue


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