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Sour Tangie (AAA)


  • Orange aromas are rounded by pungent diesel and hashy spices
  • Large, fluffy mint nuggets covered in a sheen of white trichomes
  • A heavily dominant sativa hybrid that energizes you with intense focus and creativity all while keeping you smiling
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If you’re looking for an energy boost that will keep your spirits in the clouds, reach for the potent sativa-dominant strain Sour Tangie. Created by DNA Genetics, Sour Tangie combines fan-favourite Tangie with East Coast Sour Diesel, which lends to the strain’s sourness. Although the strain can be enjoyed by anyone, those with a lower tolerance may want to take the strain slowly since Sour Tangie’s THC content has been measured to be as high as 20%!

Appearance, Aroma and Flavour
Sour Tangie has great visual appeal with mint green nuggets that come in large and fluffy oblong shapes. Bright orange pistils pop against the foggy white trichomes that coat the flowers. A bold and zesty orange aroma is easily identifiable with underlying notes of diesel and hash. When burned, the sour taste is more pronounced with pungent, herbal undertones. The strain’s sweet orange essence and spicy flavours linger on the exhale.

Effects and Medical Uses
Sour Tangie works almost instantly with a sudden hot pulsating rush to the head. Once the initial buzz subsides, the mind is left elevated in an almost psychedelic-like state with a hyper sense of focus and productivity. Many have described the experience to be extremely motivating with bursts of creative and social energy. Medicinal patients find Sour Tangie helpful in combating attention deficit disorders, stress, and depression. More inexperienced users or those prone to panic may need to take the strain lightly since the experience can lead to slight paranoia. Whether you have a pressing project that needs your mental pistons pumping or a bunch of chores that need to be done, Sour Tangie will keep you energized and happy along the way.

Strain Grade


Strain Type



Citrus, Diesel, Spicy


Creativity, Euphoria, Focus, Relaxation

Medical Uses

Depression, Fatigue, Stress


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