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Pink Kush (AAA)


  • Sweet candy-like aroma of vanilla, berries and floral with undertones of earthy kush  
  • Densely packed buds covered in light brown pistils that shimmer with glistening trichomes
  • Euphoric relaxation makes for effective medicinal use
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Pink Kush is a popular, indica-dominant weed hybrid with a lineage that is a bit mysterious, but believed to include the legendary OG Kush. Pink Kush brings on a euphoric headspace that melts into an overwhelming body high, making it a great choice to alleviate stress, anxiety, physical pain, and migraines. The densely packed green marijuana buds are laced with light brown pistils, and coated with candy-like crystals of trichomes that shimmer beautifully in the light. Pink Kush has an earthy profile balanced by sweet vanilla and berry aromatics with hints of floral and citrus. Its high potency and deep relaxation inducing properties make it a great choice for evening use.

Strain Grade


Strain Type



Berry, Earthy, Floral, Vanilla


Euphoria, Relaxation

Medical Uses

Anxiety, Appetite, Headaches, Pain, Stress


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