Blue Meanie


  • Highly-potent effects that create a sense of mysticism and elation
  • Brown caps with thin white stems that turn blue when picked
  • Notably starchy flour-like aroma and flavour

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Blue Meanie is the most popular name of the common Panaeolus cyanescens species, and is a very psychoactive strain.

Blue Meanies can be found in abundance growing throughout many different areas of Australia, although they can be cultivated in other tropical and temperate climates as well. They can be confused with other species of magic mushrooms, especially Psilocybe cubensis, but are extremely potent in comparison to these other species. The name “Blue Meanie” comes from the Beatles’ 1968 classicYellow Submarine film.

Physical Properties
The name Blue Meanie is directly related to the appearance of the mushroom–when picked, the mushrooms turn a dark blue colour. Before being picked, the mushrooms have a short, relatively thin white stem with a typically dark brown cap. The colouration can vary slightly, with some of the mushrooms appearing more brown than white. Blue Meanie’s gills are close, black and grey, and spotty and speckled. Both the aroma and flavour are similar to flour.

Blue Meanie shrooms have a very high potency with a quick to set in, but long-lasting high. Users will enjoy the immediately blissfully uplifting experience and perception shifts. Time may seem to stretch or shrink, colours and shapes will shift and swirl, and thought processes can alter. Most users will notice deeper, mystical thoughts that can spiral into a boost of creativity, elation, and feeling an intense connection with the world around them.






Dark brown colour


Thin to medium thickness, Short length


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