Malabar Coast


  • Originated in India’s south-western Malabar coast
  • Golden brown mushrooms with slightly thin, long stems and small caps
  • Euphoric, relaxing effects with the potential for a spiritual journey

Malabar Coast mushrooms are a strain of psilocybe cubensis originally from the south-western coast of India. These mushrooms have been around for centuries and have been historically known as the “food of the Gods.” They produce best in warmer climates and have an average to above-average potency.

Physical Properties
Malabar Coast mushrooms are recognizable for their rich golden-brown colour. The stems are a relatively slightly below average thickness, with some of mushrooms being on the thinner side. Their stems are long with small caps that are round with a medium thickness . These mushrooms also may have some bluish or brown spots on the stems. They’re naturally found on elephant excrement, but when grown organically are typically produced from grains. While they might be known as the food of the Gods, they certainly have a strong earthy fungi taste and aroma.

Malabar Coast mushrooms have a different experience depending on the dosage. In low quantities, the mushrooms have a euphoric, mood-boosting effect that eventually leads to comfortable relaxation. The strain has been used to treat anxiety, depression, and insomnia. In higher dosages, Malabar Coast mushrooms have strong senses-altering effects that can lead to a deeply spiritual journey.


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